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Buying a House
Construction Site
The New House
Ridge Partners invests in a portfolio of businesses and is currently an active Buyer in the market areas we invest in.


Call our business development team to see what our investment criteria are.

Ridge Partners works closely with select entrepreneurs, investors and groups to locate market opportunities in the real estate, construction, development and technology industries.

Once engaged, Ridge Partners will assist with all aspects involved in the buy side process.  From researching and finding select opportunities to gathering and analyzing business information to the negotiating and structuring the deal.

Our clients include entrepreneurs, private companies, private equity group(s), high net worth individual investors, family offices.



For more than twenty years we have actively invested in, built and sold businesses & real estate for our own portfolio and we continue to invest in our own portfolio.  As active investors, we have a unique insight into what it takes to build successful businesses and development(s).

We offer a complete array of consulting services to our client(s).


​​We work with a select handful of privately held businesses to value and find the right partner to maximize the return on all of the hard work you have done to build your enterprise.

For more information about our Sell Side services or to see if Ridge Partners and your business are a good potential match, please call our business development team today.

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